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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my sign(s) cost?

Frequently Asked QuestionsOur work is custom designed and fabricated to each customer’s individual needs. The price of your sign will depend entirely upon the complexity of the design, the fabrication, the materials and possible installation/permitting costs. We spend a great deal of time educating our customers about sign materials and options. If you have a new business and have multiple signage needs, we will be happy to develop a sign plan to prioritize your signage needs and work within your budget.

Do you have a catalog or price list that you can send me?

Because we are a custom sign company, Vital Signs does not offer a standardized price list. Sign samples, material options and project examples may be viewed in the Vital Signs Showroom or by visiting our web site photo gallery.

What are the payment terms for my signage?

Vital Signs provides outstanding value, creative ideas, and superior customer service. In order to maintain these high standards at competitive prices, we keep our payment terms simple:

  • All terms are 50% down payment when the order is placed and the remaining balance is due upon pick up or installation.
  • We accept American Express, Discover, Visa, Mastercard, checks and cash. Credit terms may be established for some corporate accounts after completing a credit application.

Do you have sign leasing options available?

Yes. We understand that the purchase of your sign(s) is a critical part of your business branding and can be a challenge to your marketing budget. High quality signage is an investment which can greatly add to your business success. We work with leasing providers who can offer flexibility and customized solutions for you.

How long will it take to fabricate my sign(s)?

We understand that the purchase of your sign(s) is a critical part of your business branding and can be a challenge to your marketing budget. High quality signage is an investment which can greatly add to your business success. We work with leasing providers who can offer flexibility and customized solutions for you. Our standard policy is to have your sign(s) ready for pick-up by 5 p.m. on your “due date unless other arrangements have been made.

What if I require a rapid turn-around time beyond normal fabrication time for my sign(s)?

Vital Signs will do our very best to accommodate those “last minute projects, though rush charges will be incurred. Planning ahead is appreciated by the Vital Signs Team and your sign budget.

Can you provide installation for my sign(s)?

Vital Signs provides sign installation services on most products when requested. Our installations are scheduled to meet customer requirements, however, we reserve the right to adjust the schedule to accommodate weather and other unforeseen issues that can occur during, or prior to an installation.

Can I purchase the sign and do my own installation?

Yes. Customers who wish to provide their own installation may do so. Vital Signs encourages you to research the zoning laws in your location to determine if a sign permit will be needed.

Will my sign require a permit?

Exterior signs typically require a permit. Each municipality has established zoning codes which specify what type/size of sign(s) may be displayed. Check with your local zoning office to determine what signs you may install.

Can you obtain the sign permit for me or can I do it myself?

Vital Signs is happy to take care of the sign permit if you choose not to. This service is billed at our hourly rate with no mark-ups on the cost of the actual permit fees. You are allowed to obtain your own sign permit if you choose. Vital Signs encourages you to research the zoning codes in your municipality, Pittsburgh and other cities/townships or municipalities require the person obtaining the sign permit to be a licensed contractor in that city.

Will I need any kind of documentation to obtain a sign permit?

Yes. Many zoning offices require a detailed drawing/diagram of the proposed sign measurements, material the sign is crafted from and how it will be mounted, in addition to a plot plan showing where it will be mounted on the building. Many cities require a Professional Engineer to review the sign and mounting method to ensure that the sign will be mounted properly to sustain wind load. Also, it will be necessary to have an occupancy permit for your business location. Prices for permits and related fees vary according to specific municipalities.

Do you offer sign delivery or ship signs?

Yes. While Vital Signs does not typically offer local deliveries, we will help to arrange for delivery of your sign(s) by a local or long distance carrier. If you require this service, please let us know at the time your order is placed. Vital Signs will ship your sign(s) worldwide.

What is a sign survey and do I need one?

A sign survey is a sign-specific report which is completed to determine information about existing signage; measurements; colors; photo documentation; adjacent buildings for signs in the area; determining landlord contact information; determining the municipality of the building; permitting requirements/fees; sizing/mounting formula. Sign surveys are typically requested by an out-of-state customer such as a national retail chain who wishes to add a new store and requires local sign information. Vital Signs provides sign surveys and a summary report for the customer.

Do you repair or re-face signs?

Yes. Vital Signs will assess your sign(s) to determine if a repair, re-face or replacement is required.

Is Vital Signs a franchise?

No. Vital Signs is an independent sign company. We are, however, affiliated with approximately 275 other sign companies across the United States. This affiliation allows us to draw upon technical and logistical support as well as significant supplier discounts.

Is Vital Signs affiliated with any sign trade organizations?

Yes. The Vital Signs Team is proud to produce signs of the highest quality with quality materials. Part of our commitment to you is to educate ourselves about cutting edge technology and materials so that we provide the best options for your sign application. We are proud to be members of the International Sign Association and the United States Sign Council.

Can I provide feedback regarding my experience with Vital Signs?

Yes, please. We love your testimonials because they let us and others know that we did a quality job for you. We are anxious to know that our products are working for you and helping to build your business. If you have a great story about how your “vital signs are maximizing the return on your sign investment, we want to hear from you! We welcome your feedback before, during and after your signs are completed.

Was there something we could have done differently? Let us know. If you have pictures of your sign(s) you wish to share, please feel free. Testimonials can be sent directly to Vital Signs. We are satisfied when you are satisfied!