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Green Sustainability

Green Sustainability

Like many companies and organizations, Vital Signs is in the midst of the Green Revolution. We find ourselves facing the tasks of determining how our company can operate as a more environmentally conscious company, while offering sustainable sign and graphics solutions to our customers. The answer is that we can achieve both goals with concentrated and consistent efforts.

We have joined the Green Building Alliance to better learn and understand the philosophy and practical applications of operating as a more sustainably aware company, and also offering truly green products.

We have learned that “being green” is not just about material choices. It is a philosophy and approach that does not segregate sustainability from design.

Some of the eco-conscious efforts we are focusing on, are:

  • Sustainable Design by our Design Staff
  • How we can identify air and environmental concerns such as using low or no-VOC paints and stains.
  • Using water-based adhesives
  • Evaluating our manufacturing processes with a focus on recycling excess material and minimization of scrap waste
  • Utilizing eco-conscious printing when possible
  • Identifying eco-friendly substrates, media, and other sign & graphics products used in our industry
  • Utilizing modular components and sign systems when possible

With the explosion of “green” products within the Sign and Graphics Industries, Vital Signs cannot claim to have knowledge about all of the new Sign and Graphics products, their ingredients or best applications. Yet! We are, however, very committed to our on-going learning process. It is important to us to offer truly sustainable material options and to know that what we tell our customers is accurate and has the material data sheet to support it.

We will work with you to learn about your Sustainable/LEED project and assess which eco sign or graphics option would best fit your application. We don’t have all of the answers, but we are an eco-conscious work in progress!