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Marketing with Signs

Marketing with SignsDid You Know?
Dynamic signs in a recession could boost your economy!

People are afraid; business is down; advertising budgets are being slashed, and financing is tough. What’s a business to do? When times are tough, smart business people look for ways to trim budgets. For many, that may translate to cutting the advertising budget. How can you capitalize on your advertising with a shoestring budget? First and foremost, visibility is key. Does your business have a sign that grabs the attention of everyone who sees it? Does it boast of brilliant colors or unique design?

Is it the right type of sign for your business? Do you have enough signs? In a multipart study, “Research on Signage Performance”, conducted between 1995 and 1997 by the University of San Diego, it was concluded that “ on-premise” signage has a statistically significant and financially substantive impact on the business revenues of the site.  Further, it concluded that increases in the total amount of signage or the number of signs on a site can have a significant impact on the annual revenues at a site. Further studies have repeatedly demonstrated that a large percentage of new customers are frequently attributable to the on-premise sign, and that the businesses’ who improved their signage saw dramatic increases in profits.